Victorian Model Railway Society

Victorian Model Railway Society

Tarpaulins for open Wagons

A technique for making tarpaulins for HO scale open wagons

Notes on Colours on VR Structures

Anyone involved in “historical modeling” will sooner or later encounter a problem of
prototype practice that needs to be verified. In fact it is the solving of such problems that presents much of the interest when attempting to reconstruct any aspect of our past in model form. A perennial subject in the correspondence columns in the model railway press is the question of colour

Make a Static Grass Applicator

There are a number of commercially available static grass applicators but it is possible to make your own. Many of the parts can be cobbled up from things you may have around the workshop and the few simple electronic bits can be had from the usual supplier.

Calculate the correct resistors for LEDs

A simple program that lets you calculate the right resistor for any LED installation

Filling wihout Sanding

It is usual to clean up excess filler putty by filing and sanding. Using an old paintbrush to apply nail polish remover is demonstrated in this video clip. Pure acetone would remove the excess putty equally successfully but would damage the plastic surface.Tip from Aircraft Resource Centre.

Simple Corner Clamp

A simple corner clamp for joining parts at right angles can be cobbled up from simple materials. The main bit is a piece of aluminium corner section with a bit cut out of the angle. Any simple clip can be used to hold the material or part in place. Shown are “inside-out clothes pegs” and a simple office clip. The gap in the back of the angle lets you apply glue or solder to the inside corner of the job.

Wheel or Gear Puller

Lindsay B showed us this simple wheel or gear puller that he made from a one inch G-Clamp.