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Prototype Modellers Forum 2019

Vale Bob DunnGlenburn = Evolution of a layoutModelling sounds of the VRShips, Sounds and LEDS in VR Model locomotivesVR Upper Quadrant SignalsBuilding a Standard VR Wooden Trestle BridgeImmersive OperationBuilding and Finishing Advertising U VansGetting the Details RightCardboard Modelling UpdatedIndex of Papers — 2006–2019

Prototype Modellers Forum 2018

Transporting and Distributing Fuel on our Model Railways: Bruce McLeanCarriages on Carriages: Mark BauConversion of Ratio Signal Kits to VR Semaphores: Bob GartsideBuild Your Own Bock Oily: Phil JefferyModelling Unique Prototype Structures: Richard ParkerSheep Loading Races of the VR: Don McGilveryISO Containers: Matt TurnerSome Recent Baseboad Projects: Damian Chrystie, Ian Franklin and Matt WinzenriedMaking More …

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Prototype Modellers Forum 2017

Mechanical Signalling on the VR: Ian Weickhardt Safeworking for Model Railways: Phil Jeffery Practical Skills to Build a Signal Box in Styrene: John Gilbert Mould Making and Casting: Grant McAdam Tools, Tips and Techniques: Laurie Green Modelling Gum Trees: Dan Pickard Making Tracks in HO: Lindsay Bennett Melbourne’s Industries As A Source Of Traffic On VR: Matt Winzenreid Creating Custom Decals:Lindsay …

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Prototype Modellers Forum 2014

VR DDE/D4 Suburban and Shunting Engines: Phil Dunn Modelling The Sprit Cars: John Gilbert Modelling Wagon Loads: Lindsay Carroll Modelling Non-ISO Containers: Phil Jeffery VR S Class Pacifics: Lance Cross Kit-bashing VR Prototypes: David Foulkes Fine Scale Point Work: Damian Chrystie Weathering Rolling Stock: Steve Bucton Victorian Railways in the 1980s: Michael Holian

Prototype Modellers Forum 2013

VR A2 Class Locomotive: Lance Cross VR Bogie Guards Vans: Mark Bau VR Goods Sheds: Fraser Brown VR Turntables, 20th Century: Phil Dunn The Birregurra To Forrest Line: Norm Houghton Photographic Backdrops: Roger Lloyd From Prototype To Model: Graham Fraser A Working Timetable For Your Layout: Phil Jeffery Setting the Era; Road Vehicles: Adrian Gunzburg