Past Prototype Forums and Meets



Prototype Modellers Forum 2018

Transporting and Distributing Fuel on our Model Railways: Bruce McLean
Carriages on Carriages: Mark Bau
Conversion of Ratio Signal Kits to VR Semaphores: Bob Gartside
Build Your Own Bock Oily: Phil Jeffery
Modelling Unique Prototype Structures: Richard Parker
Sheep Loading Races of the VR: Don McGilvery
ISO Containers: Matt Turner
Some Recent Baseboad Projects: Damian Chrystie, Ian Franklin and Matt Winzenried
Making More Than One: Richard Leeder

Prototype Modellers Forum 2017

Mechanical Signalling on the VR: Ian Weickhardt
Safeworking for Model Railways: Phil Jeffery
Practical Skills to Build a Signal Box in Styrene: John Gilbert
Mould Making and Casting: Grant McAdam
Tools, Tips and Techniques: Laurie Green
Modelling Gum Trees: Dan Pickard
Making Tracks in HO: Lindsay Bennett
elbourne’s Industries As A Source Of Traffic On VR: Matt Winzenreid
Creating Custom Decals:Lindsay Carroll

Prototype Modellers Forum 2016

The VR K class locomotive: Phil Dunn
McKeen Cars: Lance Cross
The Railway War on Weeds: Ian Weickhardt and Don McGilvery
Modelling A Weedex Train: Lindsay Carroll
Weedex Train Rolling Stock: Lindsay Carroll
VR Train Consists for Model Railway Layouts: Phil Jeffery
Modelling Murtoa: Richard Parker
Setting The Era - Signage: Matt Winzenreid
Servos For Model Railways: Adrian Gunzburg and John de la Lande
3D Printing: John Turner

Prototype Modellers Forum 2015

Forest to Mill: Norman Houghton
Modelling An Australian Sawmill: Adrian Gunzburg
Timber Transport Wagons Of The VR: Phil Jeffery
VR E Cars: Lance Cross
Modelling the E Car Variants: Matt Turner
Beyond The Fence In The Country: John McCallum
Modelling The VR In The 1880s: Matt Winzenreid
Understanding And Using LEDs: Fraser Clayton
Soldering Brass And Nickel Silver: Roger Hill

Prototype Modellers Forum 2014

VR DDE/D4 Suburban and Shunting Engines: Phil Dunn
Modelling The Sprit Cars: John Gilbert
Modelling Wagon Loads: Lindsay Carroll
Modelling Non-ISO Containers: Phil Jeffery
VR S Class Pacifics: Lance Cross
Kit-bashing VR Prototypes: David Foulkes
Fine Scale Point Work: Damian Chrystie
Weathering Rolling Stock: Steve Bucton
Victorian Railways in the 1980s: Michael Holian

Prototype Modellers Forum 2013

VR A2 Class Locomotive: Lance Cross
VR Bogie Guards Vans: Mark Bau
VR Goods Sheds: Fraser Brown
VR Turntables, 20th Century: Phil Dunn
The Birregurra To Forrest Line: Norm Houghton
Photographic Backdrops: Roger Lloyd
From Prototype To Model: Graham Fraser
A Working Timetable For Your Layout: Phil Jeffery
Setting the Era; Road Vehicles: Adrian Gunzburg

Prototype Modellers Forum 2012

State Coal Mine Wonthaggi: Lance Cross
Coal Traffic on the VR: Mark Bau.
Building a VR Four-wheeled Hopper Wagon: Phil Jeffery
Locomotive Coaling Facilities on the VR: John Gilbert
VR Electric Goods Locomotives: Brett Whelan
Model Railway Operation Australian Style: Adrian Gunzburg
Layout Operation With The JMRI Computer Interface: Don McGilvery
Modelling Using Machined ABS Sheet: Peter Keddie
Painting and Weathering Locomotives and Rolling Stock: Roger Hill

Prototype Modellers Forum 2011

VR 2-8-0 C class Locomotives: Lance Cross
Cement Traffic on the VR: Mark Bau.
Building a VR Hopper Wagon: Matt Turner
Pintsch's Gas on the VR: Geoff Tasker
Model VR Locomotives: Frank Kelly
Modelling Pre-war VR Electrification: Andrew Collier
VR Stations: The First 100 Years: Fraser Brown
Modelling Irymple to Mildura: Bruce McLean
Model Drive System Selection and Design: Geoff Baxter
VR Portable Huts: John McCallum

Prototype Modellers Forum 2010

Construction of Eucalpytus Trees: Rod Hutchinson
Etched Brass Components: Tony Crennan
Modelling Oil Tank Wagons: Bob Ackland
Weathering Diesel Locomotives: Steve Bucton
Computer Aided Milling as a Modelling Tool: John Turner
Preserving The Sounds of the Victorian Railways' Motive Power: Mike Walters
Livestock Wagons of the VR: Mark Bau
Livestock Transport on the VR: John Gilbert
X Class 2-8-2 Locomotives of the VR: Lance Cross
Work Trains Of The VR 1910-1960: Ian Weickhardt

Prototype Modellers Forum 2009

Maryborough Station: Roger Lloyd
VR NA Class Locos: Fraser Clayton
VR Pioneer Carriages and Their Relatives: Ted Godwin
Grain Elevators of Victoria: Lance Cross
VR Grain Transportation: Mark Bau
Injection Moulding: David Foulkes
Scaling Photos: John McCallum
Architecture Of American Locomotive Imports To Australia: David Fletcher
Models From "Beyond The Fence": Phil Jeffery

Prototype Modellers Meet 2008

Lineside Signs On The VR: Mark Bau
Timber Bridges On The VR: Bob Dun, David Foulkes and Brett Whelan
Walker Railcars Of The VR: Lance Cross
Scratchbuilding Brass Model Locomotives: Frank Kelly
Detailing A Station Yard: John Gilbert
Construction Techniques For Narrow Gauge Vehicles: Fraser Clayton
Techniques for Scenery Construction: Graham Fraser
Modelling Yea (VR): Damian Chrystie
Colour Light Signals Of The VR: Ian Weickhardt

Prototype Modellers Meet 2007

VR Four-Wheeled Open Wagons: Mark Bau
Acrylic and Styrene Rolling Stock Construction: Frank Kelly
A VR Signal Box: John Gilbert
VR R Class Steam Locomotive: Lance Cross
Resistance Soldering: John de la Lande
Repetition Modelling Techniques in The Home Workshop: John McCallum
DCC in Model Railway Operations: Damian Chrystie and Adrian Gunzburg
Airbrush Techniques For Railway Modelling: Trevor Reeves

Prototype Modellers Meet 2006

Obtaining Prototype Information: Ian Wilson
VR H Class Steam Locomotive: Lance Cross
Correctly Signalling a Model Railway Station Yard: Bob Dunn
VR Z Vans: Mark Bau
Prototype To Model/Operations Modelling: Gavin Hince
VR Signals: Graham Fraser
Lightweight Baseboard Construction: Brett Whelan
Models By Laser: John de la Lande
An Approach to Structure Modelling: Grant McAdam
Styrene Modelling Tips: David Foulkes