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Before World War II, during which a lot of leisure activities such as the model railway hobby were suspended, the VMRS had a layout called "Melton". It was built to "O scale", possibly 7mm to the foot and depicted a generic Victorian country station with buildings and scenery. Surviving photos seem to show that it appeared on the exhibition circuit such as it was in those days. Melton appeared in at least two guises. More…

Cavalcade of Trains

In September1954, to mark the centenary of the Victorian Railways an exhibition of old and new motive power and rolling stock was held at Spencer Street station. This show was supported by an exhibition of models showing representative trains from a number of periods in the VR's history. The model exhibition was held in the Lower Melbourne Town Hall and all of the trains were built by members of the VMRS. More…



In the 1970s, members of the VMRS agreed to construct an exhibition layout on which could be displayed models built by members. The layout was to be of a Victorian Railways prototype. It would need to feature double track and the surrounding area should be of scenic interest. It was decided to base the layout on Malmsbury station, on the Bendigo line and was the first serious HO scale layout based more or less faithfully on a VR prototype to appear on the exhibition circuit. The layout is installed in the clubrooms awaiting restoration and re-commissioning. More…



The VMRS's current exhibition layout is based on Korumburra. Korumburra is a small town in South Gippsland and the railway served a dairy farming and coal mining area. The track layout at the station was big enough and interesting enough on which to base a model and small enough to reproduce almost completely with minimum compression and omission. There was a locomotive depot with a four (later two) stall shed. The wooden coal stage was replaced by a steel, overhead loading tower. The layout has been shown at two exhibitions and is currently being installed in the clubrooms. More…

In the VMRS there has always been an emphasis on model making, sharing historical information and sharing of modelling techinques. Nevertheless, during its nearly eighty years of existence the VMRS has built and exhibited to the public a number of layouts. Some still exist, others have been dismantled.